About us

Waboolabs provides extensive SAP technical expertise and much more. We integrate cutting-edge solutions like S/4HANA Greenfield/Brownfield/Bluefield implementations, Cloud Migrations, Data Center Consolidations etc. with exceptional usability, creating powerful and intuitive systems & environments.

Our experts excel in Scrum and Agile methodologies, ensuring a rapid, communicative, and iterative approach to project delivery with continuous user engagement and management feedback.

What Prompted Us to Start Waboolabs?

Imagine this: You’ve been given the task of leading a major technology project for your company. You’re excited and optimistic. But soon, you’re navigating an ocean of technology jargon, complex proposals, and ever-expanding timelines and budgets. Sounds familiar? We’ve been in those shoes, and we knew there had to be a better way. That’s why we started Waboolabs. Here’s what we saw and how we’re different:

From Complex to Clear

You've probably seen technology projects that spiral into complexities, often missing the mark on time, cost, and goals. We believe in cutting through the noise, focusing on what truly matters.

True Talent, No Surprises:

Ever been wooed by a firm's top talent, only to later find a team that doesn't match that initial promise? At Waboolabs, what you see is what you get – genuine expertise from start to finish.

Lean and Mean:

We noticed the trend of adding layer upon layer of managers and coordinators, driving up costs without clear advantages. We're all about lean teams that deliver real results.

Expertise Over Experiments

Hiring consultants shouldn't be a gamble. Unlike many who are 'learning on the job', we bring proven expertise to the table every time.

Solutions Over Sales:

Instead of pushing more services on you, we focus on addressing the core challenges first. We're here to solve problems, not sell services.

Understanding Over Assumptions:

We've seen the gaps between strategy and delivery. With us, you'll feel understood and aligned, ensuring a smoother journey for everyone involved.

Empowering Your Team:

We're not just here to implement and leave. Our goal is to set up systems and processes that empower your internal teams, making their daily tasks simpler and more strategic.

Collaboration is Key:

Rather than working in silos, we believe in working hand-in-hand with our clients. We're on this journey together, ensuring you're equipped and confident even after our work concludes.

Waboolabs emerged from our desire to be the ally you wish you had on every tech project – clear, committed, and always client-first. If you've ever felt lost or overwhelmed in the tech maze, give us a shout. We're here to guide, support, and ensure success.

Our Vision


To become the go-to partner for SAP implementation, migration, and transformation.


Simplify the complex SAP landscape, delivering access, efficiency, and power to businesses of all sizes.


Innovate to offer future-proof,
user-friendly SAP solutions.


Center the customer in every business decision, adapting and scaling solutions based on client feedback and needs

Our Mission & Culture:

This unified approach encapsulates the core values and operational principles of Waboolabs, providing a coherent and comprehensive overview for team members, clients, and partners alike.

Our Leadership

Meet Avnish

Avnish’s has no-nonsense attitude and problem-solving passion that were instilled by his father during his childhood. He learned early on the importance of seeking solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

This background drives Avnish’s dedication to delivering the best for his clients, ensuring complete satisfaction.

With nearly three decades of IT expertise, Avnish is a leader in the industry. His global experience includes strategic roles at renowned corporations in the U.S., India, Southeast Asia, and beyond, giving him deep knowledge of both SAP and non-SAP systems, implementations, migrations, and effective leadership across diverse cultures.

As a revered consultant and strategist at the IT helm, Avnish has steered monumental transitions with wisdom and foresight, such as going Greenfield S/4HANA implementations, migrating intricate ecosystems to cloud platforms like AWS and Azure, optimizing costs, and augmenting operational efficiencies for industry behemoths like HP, Medtronic, IBM, Kyndryl, and Briggs & Stratton to name a few.

At Waboolabs, Avnish brings more than technical prowess. He exemplifies leadership, mentorship, cross-departmental communication, meticulous planning, and error-free execution.

Avnish’s proactive experience with implementations and vast migrations, coupled with his future-forward vision and knack for pinpointing optimal solutions, make him an indispensable asset for Waboolabs and its clientele.

Beyond his commendable professional trajectory, Avnish is well-regarded as a thought leader, brazenly staying abreast of technological advancements and ever-evolving industry trends. His commitment to excellence, combined with his keen business acumen, cements his reputation as a co-owner whose vision and capabilities shape the future of SAP technology. All while keeping Waboolabs on the frontline of IT solutions.

Meet Sufian

Since childhood, Sufian has been driven to achieve more with less. With a Dad in the Navy and a family that toiled for every dime, Sufian quickly became the man of the house and was forced to find wisdom beyond his years.

Sufian wanted to create a better life and worked to the bone to study Electrical Engineering at a highly competitive university. But he craved more than comfort – he wanted a challenge. An opportunity to learn something new through risk.

Sufian does not fear the unknown, he embraces it with open arms, gathering the tools he needs to navigate uncertainty and become a better person every day.

In the vast tech realm today, Sufian Abu is a transformative leader, exceptionally adept at strategy and meticulous execution. His intricate web of experiences is extensively highlighted by significant SAP undertakings, from comprehensive global implementations to persevering post-implementation recoveries.

Sufian has led global teams, transformed organizations and delired results under challenging conditions. His track history speaks for itself. At Waboolabs, Sufian’s role expands beyond technical expertise alone. His enriching tenure as CIO and VP has polished his prowess in strategic planning, assembling high-caliber teams, and consistently achieving stellar results even in the most unpredictable of terrain.

This multifaceted expertise makes Sufian an instrumental confidant to his clientele, melodiously marrying strategic vision with hands-on technical prudence.

Venturing well beyond SAP, Sufian’s remarkable accomplishments span applications, data warehouses, BI platforms, big data, cloud, and predictable analytical platforms. His exhaustive hands-on experience, blended with an insatiable hunger for innovation, further pays testament to his significance to Waboolabs.

Sufian’s sweeping view of technology, deeply entrenched in innovation and foresight, ensures that his clients not only achieve their immediate objectives, but can also strategically thrive for the long haul. As Waboolab’s co-owner,

Sufian’s forward-looking vision and resolute devotion continually reinforce Waboolabs’ revered status.

Our Promise

Waboolabs collective expertise not only ensures technical excellence, but also reflects their shared vision of forging authentic, long-term bonds with their clients, rooted in trust and mutual growth. They’re about more than merely delivering solutions, and this is what genuinely sets Waboolabs apart.

Waboolabs cares about your success as much as you do. We don’t want to meet your expectations – we want to exceed them. That’s why we’ll help you navigate the complex SAP transformation minefield every click of the way. So, why wait?